John Mulaney: Saturday Night Live!

Season 46 Episode 5

As every Saturday evening in the past couple of weeks, NBC is coming back Live from New York City to your living rooms with the 46 seasons tradition of Saturday Night Live! This time with 4th time hosting John Mulaney´s wittiness, humor, and very interesting vocal range in his new roughly 40 minutes long stand-up special, that Netflix didn´t have to pay millions for (this time at least).

So if you want to have nice laughs, we recommend you watch this:

John Mulaney Stand-Up Monologue – SNL

John Mulaney talks about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus briefings, the 2020 election and his grandmother. Saturday Night Live. Stream now on Peacock.

And there is of course more. The whole show starts as usual with cold open from the one and only Jim Carrey, in one of his best roles of the past decade – portraying one of the presidential candidates of the upcoming election, Joe Biden. Some people would even say he plays this role better than Mr. Biden himself.

“Isn´t that right Jim”

“You have a point there”

This Halloween-themed episode included sketches like Democracy PSA, Headless Horseman, and New York Musical which if you have ever visited Times Square you will definitely love/hate.

Let us know how you felt about John Mulaney´s hosting and whether or not have we watched the best episode of this season to date?

Musical guest The Strokes. For music performances and the rest of the sketches visit Saturday Night Live!

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