Little, Regular Things Which Can Ruin the Whole Day

Whether you are a choleric or a phlegmatic, some things, some little things can act as a trigger for each of us.

Can you imagine any such moments in your head? It may be easier to go through this article and then share with us in the comments which of these situations work for you.

#1 New Password

Always, this is how it goes. You spend a lot of time trying out all possible passwords and then suddenly, when you decide to generate a new one, this damn thing pops out!

#2 Eraser to erase, clean, make the paper look seamless

Great erasers, they got your back, especially when mistake is made on official high-profile documents…

#3 Friendly door knob

Especially when you hurry somewhere. These door handles can get so annoying.

#4 Backpain? Here is the solution!

I can hear “am I joke to you” in customer´s minds.

#5 Opened! Are you sure?

#6 Walking dog

Regular life.

#7 VIP life

When you pay for VIP seats but actually can not even see the stage.

#8 Puzzle

I have been there done that.


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