Remarkable Portrayals of Lo-Fi Girl Living in Different Countries

What a great idea.

The picture we will present to you today has been originally posted on youtube as a part of the video.

Who and How

The iconic illustration of a studying girl from the artist Juan Pablo Machado is characteristic of the youtube channel ChilledCow. The channel managed to build a strong community, and his fans have decided to edit the “girl picture” as she would come from their country of origin.

Youtube channel ChilledCow

If you are a fan of LoFi music, I assume you have seen “the girl picture” and visited the ChilledCow channel. Their stream is known as the longest-running Livestream in the history of Youtube. The stream’s name is “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to” which functions as a radio, which never stops to play Lo-Fi tunes.

At this very moment 37 000 people are watching/listenning to this stream!

The longest stream vs YouTube

In February, Youtube (with no lawful reason) stopped the Youtube account of the channel, which resulted in the stream stop. The stream was running for more than 13,000 hours, which made it the longest-running stream on Youtube.

Original concept

Juan Pablo Machado created this animation based on the original picture from the Ghibli studio. The iconic LoFi girl has her roots in Whisper of the Heart.

The original concept looked like this.

Lo-Fi Girl From Different Countries

Lo-Fi girl map of Europe

Will Smith x “LoFI Girl”

The reach spectrum of this straightforward picture was truly unexpected! One of the world’s biggest stars got inspired and created their own illustration and collection of songs. Of course, we are speaking about one and only Will Smith, aka Fresh Prince. For Smith’s playlist, click on the video below and let yourself take away on the tunes of “chill beats to quarantine to.” Because of the hype “studying girl” was receiving, Smith’s team has decided this is a great way to promote his limited “Bel-Air” merch, so please bear with the ads.

This was not the only video related to this trend. Just four months ago, Smith uploaded another one, this time “Lo-fi Summertime Beats to Social Distance To.” Both videos have around 1 hour and 30 minutes and if you want to listen to them, click on the video below.


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