Lost Sock Takes Month-Long Trip Around Australia to Find Himself

Funky blue sock begins an Australian excursion of self-discovery.

From the humble underwear drawer, one brave sock is determined to make his own way in the world. He is throwing away a cozy life with his other half to take a trip of self-discovery around Australia. He hopes to achieve something great for himself and see what was beyond the bedroom he called home.

“Sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith,” says the sock. He looks fresh out of the washing machine, sparkling clean, and wide-eyed. Clutching his modest luggage, he continues “I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life not knowing.

But is such a journey really possible for just one lonely sock?

“We’re always underestimated, we socks,” he says. “But we’re capable of a lot. We’re supportive, soft, warm. We’re multi-purpose! Some socks work alongside big-league sports players!

With just simply a backpack, a phone, and the threads on his back, the sock is planning on roughing it in hostels and making cash any way he can.

“I’ll find some work waiting tables, you know?” he says. “Or DIY. I’m quite handy, for a sock!”

Made in a factory in Taiwan, the sock says he has come a long way in life.

“I’ve been all over, really, but I still have so much to see!” he says, solemnly. “My other half and I were made for each other, that’s for sure! But I settled too early, y’know? I’m not going to let this opportunity pass me by!”

The sock is getting a one-way plane ticket, and he says he is not looking back.

“I’m leaving myself in the hands of fate,” he says. “And I have no regrets!”

Starting in Sydney, the sock is gradually going to make his way along the coast, hitching rides the whole journey. He says he hopes to make many new friends – both sock and otherwise – to enlighten him with experiences he’s never had anywhere else.

“What do I hope to get out of this?” The sock takes a moment to think. “Well… I want to come back a changed sock! I want the other socks to look to me for guidance, and to see that there is a whole world outside our drawer for us to explore!”

When asked how Australian humans might react to a talking sock, the sock declined to comment.

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