Meet A Shaolin Disciple Who Converted Into a YouTuber

It’s not a usual thing to see people who were a part of the Shaolin temple talking about stuff on YouTube. It’s even weirder when you see a former Shaolin disciple having a YouTube channel, talking about video games. Ranton is a weird character, but funny as hell. Besides packing his channel with fun content, Ranton also uses a very…unsuitable language, at least for someone who was once a part of the Shaolin temple. Still, his content has amassed lots of followers and it seems that Ranton’s channel continues to grow at a steady rate.

One of his videos that I have found particularly interesting (because I am a fan of the game) is his review of “Total War – Three Kingdoms”. The video is hilarious, but it also describes the game well (in a weird way) and gives developers some credit. Take a look at the video below, it will make you laugh for sure.

Also, he doesn’t talk about games only. Ranton often hosts podcasts with other guests and he also creates videos about topics related to Shaolin monks and martial arts. The video below has over 9 million views and it will give you some insight into martial arts that you can stumble upon in the media. As always, this video is hilarious as well.

If you are into memes, witty one-liners, and quality content, you will love Ranton’s channel. The guy has been present on YouTube for quite some time and it is obvious that viewers love his content. Also, you can always stay up to date with up-and-coming video games.


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