Meme Community Reacts To Daft Punk Splitting Up

After 28 years, Daft Punk has split up. Most of us grew up on their music, and few people haven’t heard “Around The World” and the song’s catchy bit. French dance duo Daft Punk announced that they are splitting up on February 22nd by releasing a farewell video titled ‘Epilogue’. The video has 15 million views (so far), you can see it on YouTube.

Meme community was shocked at first, but they recovered pretty fast. Now, Daft Punk memes are flooding social platforms such as 9gag and Reddit. However, Twitter users were the most active, posting thousands of memes related to this topic. Enjoy!

#1 February 22nd is a sad, sad day

#2 I fine, I will survive this, I promise

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DaftPunk is over. They were literally my childhood. #DaftPunkForever

#3 This is depressing

#4 They live in my memory now

#5 Pretending that everything’s fine

#6 This is the end, my friend

#7 These two legends won’t be forgotten

#8 Dance to the beat, Russian style


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