Original Disney Characters Meet Horror Characters

How would it look like if Mickey Mouse met Chucky? Let´s see

Mike Chiechi publicly presenting himself under the pseudonym Frank´s Kid is an artist, graphic designer and professional on Frankenstein and Superman.

Mike was born in New Jersey and as a kid, he loved monster movies, drawing and cartoons. While many of us, have to let our dreams at some point go, this wasn´t Mike´s case. He keeps his passion throughout his life and manages to make a living out of it while creating monsters, art and obscure 80’s references.


He studied animation in Philadelphia and currently operates within the New York City area. He created his own Jason figure and currently is selling his work as lapel pins and limited edition prints. You can check out his store here.


I was especially impressed by his series where he features original Disney characters and horror movie characters.

Just Mickey Mouse and Chucky playing together.


Sweet nigthmares Mickey!


“Exorcism of Minnie”

Written and Directed by: Goofy and Mickey


Mickey just caught himself a live one!


Mouse on the Pet Sematary.


Minnie hanging laundry with Michael.

They have such sights to show you, Mickey!




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