People Hate Knowing These Facts

I wish I could unheard some of these…

Knowing random things is always fun. You never know who you will impress. On the other hand, there is a lot for you in there too, you can educate on random topics and maybe one time you will have a similar destiny as “Slumdog Millionaire”.

As usual, the post is coming from the r/AskReddit which is the 3rd largest subreddit on the platform with over 30 million members.

The question was simple “What was a fact that you regret knowing?”

These are some of the best answers we could find in this topic:

#1 My dad and I both took DNA tests for “fun” and I found out we aren’t related. 0% match.

Well, some people have a really strange definition of the expression “fun”. But I guess DNA test is a game for the whole family, well…as long as you have a family.

#2 There was a woman in the 18th century called Mary Toft, who stuffed dead rabbits into her vagina and later acted as if she gave birth to them.

User continued with the following:

“The doctors believed her till one of them examined found corn in one of the rabbit’s stomachs (it couldn’t have been in there) She also did the same with a hog bladder and a cat’s legs. (also with about 15 rabbits) Don’t know why I even know this.”

There is not much to add for this one, only pray. Only pray like…

Comment section:

“The corn in the rabbit’s stomach is what tipped them off?”

“Q: How tf do you get 15 rabbits in there
A: Have you ever played tetris? Like that!”

#3 Chainsaws were originally meant to be a surgeons’ instrument.

“As an aid for a childbirth.”

Comment section:

“This is going to give me nightmares until menopause.”

#4 Bob Ross actually hated his Afro!

Then they addded:

“When he started out it was the cheapest hairstyle to maintain and once he picked up some traction it was too iconic to get rid of.”

Comment section:

“This is the saddest thing I’ve read. I’m not going to share it with anyone. Now, this is the burden I carry.”
“So he dislikes his hairstyle, but maintains it in order to bring joy to others? Classic Bob Ross.”

#5 My parents are swingers, and now well Into their 70’s…

Funny one for the end, right? “Funny?” who knows…

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