Photographer Creativity During Quarantine Will Blow You Away

Who knew, you can use regular things in such an extraordinary compositions.

A lot of photographers have lost their job as a result of the pandemic situations going on in the world. Some of them had to put away their cameras for a while. We are not talking just about wedding photographers but traveling photographers as well.

Erin Sullivan (INSTAGRAM) is one of the people who take their camera and capture the world on its travels. She lost her opportunity to do that, and now she was left just with a home environment.

At her house. Where no “travel” type of photos can not be taken. Obviously. Or?

Erin actually posted on her Instagram a series of photos from her house, travel photos! You might be asking “How she did that?” and the answer is very simple. Erin´s creativity turns her house into a lot of outside sceneries. Take a look for yourself!

Erin used just things she could find around the house for colorful compositions. As she says “Staying home is literally a life saver right now, and your inner artist can thrive given any restriction.” She adds “With all the time I have been spending at home lately, some scenes have come back to the front of my mind. I thought it would be fun to create them in my apartment while I’m not traveling.”

#1 Fold in the sheets

When I was a kid and couldn’t fall asleep, I’d go under the covers and imagine adventure scenes. A fold in the sheets could have been a mountain or a wave. “

#2 Paper Bag canyon

“…I am learning that imagination is an adventure in and of itself.”

Behind the scenes (click on picture for full video)

#3 Broccoli Forest

“Originally my idea for this series was solely to do landscapes made from objects in my home. I’ve always loved using abstraction in my art, and thought this would be an interesting challenge given the context. I then thought it would be good to add tiny figures to give a sense of some scale.”

Behind the scenes

#4 Nightstand Astrophotography

“A bit of stargazing from the comfort of my bed.”

Behind the scenes

#5 Tinfoil Lake

“…I create them from my memories or from feelings of places I have been, which feel rooted and meaningful to me.”

Behind the scenes

You can also check out Erin´s TED talk about photography in the video below!


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