Photos Of Cats Saying “NO” To Cuddles

Despite knowing that cats are stubborn and, if provoked, quite malicious little creatures, humans adore them. It’s not just the internet thing (check out all the memes about cats), but people are obsessed with cats in real life as well. Still, although they often look cuddly and cute, cats in fact often despise being touched and bothered by humans. They are so defiant that they would often leave a scratch upon their owners, just to prove a point. In this article, we are going to show you some of the funniest photos of cats firmly “saying” no to their owners. These cats simply refuse to be cuddled. This little collection of photos has gone viral pretty fast (after all, cats are “the royalties of the internet”), and soon, you will see why. Enjoy, laugh, and don’t forget to tell us what photo you liked the most.

#1 Help, The Human Bothers Me!

#2 Just…NO

#3 I…can’t…breathe

#4 I hate You So Much Human That I Will Bite You In The Forehead

#5 You Are Invading My Personal Space Human

#6 I Will Devour You

#7 Fine…Do Whatever You Want Human

#8 Nooo Human.. NOOO

#9 I Can’t Escape This Horror

#10 Keep Your Mouth Away From Me

#11 WTF Is This Sh*t

#12 You Have Stolen My Dignity Human

#13 Take This As A “No”

#14 So, This Is Hell

#15 Never To That Again

#16 No Cuddling Today

#17 Turn That Damn Camera Off

#18 I Won’t Even Look At You

#19 I Am This Close To Bite Your Head Off

#20 I Find This Very Unsettling


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