Popular Applications in Old “Clothes”

Combination of modern and retro.

People born before the year 2000 often think about things that were a regular part of their daily lives. For most of us, the people of the present – an internet would be such a thing. For them, letters, telegraphs, and many more.

Many of the things from the past were complicated. They were replaced by more advanced, life-easing technologies, applications…

Designer Luli Kibudi (Instagram) has decided to take a vintage approach towards the popular application, to lead us through her possible designs, how would they look like years ago…

This Spanish designer will remind you how these technologies have simplified our daily lives. While the communication was happening in the letters, calls were not that easy too. All you need nowadays is a phone. Applications usually cover all the old services and much, much more…

Her series “Once Upon a Time”“A project where modern meets retro” can be seen in the following photos:

#1 Netflix as VHS


#2 iCloud as Floppy Disk


#3 Spotify as Cassette


#4 WhatsApp as Classic Telephone


#5 Pinterest as Bulletin Board


#6 Microsoft Word as Old Writing Desk


#6 Gmail as Envelope

#7 Facebook as Photo Album


#8 Wikipedia as Book


#9 Instagram as Film


#10 Linkedin as Newspaper



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