Reality of the 21st Century (12 Arts)

This artist shows real but sometimes cruel reality of the present.

With this article, we are honoring the European creator who focuses his work on the Reality of the 21st century! Instagram profile owned by Jakub Janďourek named to_je_realita (that is the reality in English) shows a very fresh perspective on modern times.

The profile was established on 18 December of 2018. The origin story is simple but still very inspirational. Jakub watched an inspirational video online and was looking for similar content on Instagram. He was not successful, so he decided to come up with his own. Jakub handled his demand with the creation of his own supply. The main idea behind the profile was to make people – think.

Jakub mentioned he spends around 2 hours per day on this profile + time to edit his posts. Another interesting fact is that he admits this profile is not a source of his income. Even though over 160 000 people are following his work, he does not want to bother his audience with ads.

All the graphic designs are Jakub´s creation. The true highlight of his works lay behind the graphic side of the posts – in their concepts, ideas…

Anonymity makes a superhero out of everybody.

Education is important. That´s the comment.

…soon we will drown.

How does your dinner look like nowadays?

I would be a hypocrite if I complain about something and pretend, I am different.

I know the color of my display better than the color of your eyes.

Loyalty is a very rare thing nowadays.

Things honestly feel like this, but I believe in change. Positive change.

What has the biggest value for you?

Quid pro quo

My role was not to explain these images. We all should look at them and have our own opinion on what we see…


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