Safety First? These People Are More Like “Safety Never”

Humans are very unpredictible and interesting beings.

What a sad place world would be if we lost our “content well” called – Reddit. This time we are reporting for the first time from a subreddit called r/OSHA.

How does one describe this incredible place? Well, its main feature is “SAFETY.” To be even more specific “NO SAFETY!” This place was full of the moments when somebody did something wrong or moments when no rules were followed!

1. Emergency Exit That Doesn´t Exist!

“Emergency “exit” in a friend’s office building. The first time they opened, it was DURING A FIRE ALARM!”

The user later told this was in Germany. The sign on the doors stands for “Brandschutztür” – meaning “fire security door.” This means doors are doing their job – the issue is the “EXIT” sign. There should not be any” Good luck with exit like that!

2. Can You Call 911?

I’ll do my best

Well, at least they were polite enough to let you know.

3. Let´s Play With Big Machines!

This is me about 6 years ago. We were trying to measure how deep the water was to build a cofferdam around an intake pipe. I don’t work for that company anymore.

Looks like a fun day at work!

4. No Rules Broken

After all my years working construction, I have given out my Darwin award.


Can you believe their recklessness??? How can they work without protective gloves! Really reckless attitude towards work!

5. Pirates of the Chainsaw-bian

Palm tree removal

Is this a new Olympic Games sport discipline or what? Chainsaw kayaking!

6. I … Have…The Time of My Lifeee

Hold on buddy…


7. And the Award for the Best Motivational Poster goes to…

This sign at my job

…but guy on the poster looks friendly.

8. Jumprope From Hell
(click on picture for video)

Jump Rope

You can try them by yourself at your local gyms in 2021!

9. Ladder? B**** Please
(click on picture for video)

Ladder? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

For a moment, for a really short, blurry moment it looked really cool.

10. Look At This *Hot* Snake
(click on picture for video)

Hot steel rolling mill in India

Safety squints, protective cloth = turban, heat-inducing sweater, bare hands, and non-safety toe moccasins. Strong safety measures were truly taken here.


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