Situations only people who wear glasses can understand

Man with eyeglasses in rain
Man with eyeglasses in rain

Wearing eyeglasses is not a big deal, it seems so simple. How hard can it be to put your glasses on when you need them and take them off later? However, some things happen on the go that we weren’t prepared for.

BuzzardFeed shares some drawings about such kinds of situations experienced by only people wearing glasses daily. These things were certainly not included in the ophthalmologist’s prescription.

That steam though

The steam affecting your glasses every time you’re taking coffee makes it a bad idea to have a hot coffee or tea while watching TV. People wearing glasses always fog their eyes whenever there is steam around.

The Rainy Day

If you wear eyeglasses, you must have experienced a difficult situation in rain at least once in your lifetime. Is it even possible to go in the rain with eyeglasses without getting blind?

Some people take it positively; they never mind getting the glasses washed in natural rainwater without doing anything. If you’re among those, you’re the lucky-to-go person in rain even with sunglasses. And those glasses are not going to be an obstacle in your way to enjoying the rain.

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