Slaxx – Jeans as the Main Villain? Absurd but Reality

Jeans as a murder? See it for yourself!

In horror titles, we have already had the opportunity to see various monsters, demons or paranormal creatures. From legendary masked killers who took our childhood dreams like a mask from Scream, Halloween or Jigsaw and others to mutated animals… after a while you just get bored as villains get very predictable.

However, the creativity of filmmakers in this area has been awakened! Get ready! Canadian comedy horror Slaxx is coming! In this movie, the main character will be (drumroll please)… murderous jeans!

And what will be the storyline you might be asking… Let´s take a look:

These jeans will get possessed by some kind of demonic force that gets a taste for human blood (so unexpected – Vampire jeans?!). The main killer – jeans, will focus on a group of employees of some fashion company that uses many unethical practices in its business. But now it’s time to take revenge!

Jeez, it really sounds like these jeans will do some justice, maybe they will eventually deserve to get a statue or something…

It is already clear from the trailer that the audience will have an absurd blast full of humor, but also we will get some of those bloody scenes.

The film has already managed to premiere at several festivals, where it received quite a positive reception from audiences. At the Sitges Festival, this crazy concept even won a Midnight X-Treme nomination for Best Picture.

Slaxx will reach the Shudder streaming platform on March 18, 2021.


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