What Poisonous Fungi Are You?

Death cap? Podostroma? Deadly dapperling? If you’ve been DIE-ing to know what deadly mushroom you most identify with, then take this quiz to find out! 

  • Question of

    It’s a Friday night! Where are you?

    • At the club, obviously!
    • Inside with a hot drink and a movie!
    • On the prowl for my next victim…
    • Hanging out with a friend!
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    It’s the start of class but your teacher hasn’t shown up yet. What do you do?

    • “Technically if the teacher isn’t here in 15 minutes we’re allowed to leave.”
    • You wait patiently for the teacher to arrive. You’re a good student!
    • You’re obviously skipping class!
    • School? I’m an adult!
  • Question of

    What’s your “self-care” routine?

    • A nice bath and a glass of wine!
    • Throwing darts at pictures of people I hate…
    • A cup of tea and a snuggly blanket!
    • The only “self-care” is being free of this mortal coil.
  • Question of

    Pick a hobby!

    • Knitting!
    • Gaming!
    • Mad scientist chemistry experiments in my basement!
    • Cooking!
  • Question of

    Pick another hobby!

    • Photography!
    • LARPing!
    • Taxidermy!
    • Drawing!
  • Question of

    What’s your Starbucks order?

    • Black coffee.
    • Mocha Frappuccino, no whip, in a Grande cup, with the same amount of coffee that goes into a tall. That way there’s a little bit of extra room on top to stir in my own nutmeg without spilling any coffee at all!
    • Pumpkin spice all year round!
    • I don’t drink coffee. I drink alcohol.
  • Question of

    Do you actually like mushrooms?

    • Yes!
    • Yes, the non-poisonous kind,
    • Yes, the poisonous kind.
    • No, ew.

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