Super-Cat Saves A Baby From Falling Down The Stairs

Filmed some time ago, this video shows a brave cat saving a baby from almost certain death. The cat used its paws to push the child back into the room and away from a steep flight of stairs. The incident took place in Colombia and it was shared in a Facebook group called Fundacion Gatos Bogotanos en Adopcion, where people post cat-related content.

In the video posted above, you can see a baby crawling around on the floor. The cat was watching it the whole time. The baby begins to crawl across the floor towards a door where there is a staircase just off-camera. When the cat saw that, it rushed over to the baby, pouncing gently on the child to stop them from moving further. Below you see the cat and the stairway that could have seriously harmed or even kill the baby.


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