The Best (Love) Story Of 2020!

Puppies (Love) Story Is Exactly What You Need Today!

Dorothy Gale, that is the name of this golden mountain dog! The owners of this dog started following his story in a new place and it´s the most adorable thing of this year!

Firstly, they posted a video on 29 of October which has already gathered over 330 views.  The video shows this adorable puppy being at a new place, and once the doors are open, Dori rushes outside and meeting her new friend, who is just casually laying under the fence (or maybe the other puppy is just curious to see who are the new neighbors).


TikTok human machine recognition page.

On November 5th couple has posted on their TikTok profile update video on this lovely first meeting. The video has already over 1.6 million views! Would you like to know how it went? Click on the video below:


TikTok human machine recognition page.

Well, isn´t that adorable? We need more videos like this in 2020!


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