The Fun Side Of Walter White And Jesse Pinkman

Everyone knows Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, the two iconic characters from the show “Breaking Bad.” Played by Brian Cranstone (Walt) and Aaron Paul (Jesse), these two characters have become a vital part of popular culture, and we are not talking about TV shows only. People on internet platforms such as 9gag and Reddit are constantly creating memes related to the show, giving a whole new dimension to the characters of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

However, it’s not just the fans who have a sense of humor. A few years ago, Walt and Jesse have teamed up again in order to create hilarious content. One of their most popular videos is titled “Barely Legal Pawn” and it features our two favorite characters in a completely new setting.

Two actors also like to make fun of themselves, and they have many other intriguing videos that cover different topics. One such video was made to honor Breaking Bad’s 10th anniversary and it is super-hilarious. Check it out below.

Besides being guests on various TV shows where they made tons of sketches, two actors also starred in lots of commercials, being represented as characters from Breaking Bad. One such commercial was aired during the Super Bowl 2015 and it immediately caught the eye of the audience.

Finally, we need to mention a video that was made as a part of Jimmy Kimmel’s show in 2016. Titled “Bryan Cranston’s Super Sweet 60”, the video immediately got a huge following on the internet, once again showing why is Mr. Cranston such a respected actor. He simply killed it with his brilliant performance.


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