The Greatest “Florida Man” Of Them All – A 74yr Old Jumps Into Water And Saves Dog From Alligator

Richard Wilbanks And Gunner

Although “Florida Man” has become a term for someone (from Florida, of course) who has done something either weird or stupid, this time, a 74-year-old man from this state has done a noble and brave thing. In a video that you can see below, this hero has jumped in the pond and saved his pup from an alligator attack. Richard Wilbanks was in his yard with Gunner, his three-month-old puppy when a gator lunged out of the pond and grabbed the little spaniel. The man instantly reacted, saving his dog after pulling him out of the gator’s jaws. He is so “badass” that he did it with a cigar in his mouth.

“We were just out for a Sunday morning stroll, and walking by the edge of the pond,” Wilbanks told Fox News. “All of a sudden an alligator came out from under the water and grabbed hold of Gunner and was heading back in the water and swimming off with him.”

“I just jumped in and got hold of the alligator and drug him up, drug him up to the bank and got Gunner out.”

Wilbanks understands that he and Gunner have stumbled upon the alligator’s turf and that it was just protecting his home. Wilbanks decided not to call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission because he didn’t want them to bother the gator. Wilbanks had a few small wounds on his hands. He got a tetanus shot just to be safe as well. Gunner is healing well after being checked by the vet.


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