The Lego Story. More Than Just a Toy.

How a Little Piece of Brick Can Change Lives.

The LEGO story. All started in the Danish woodworking shop bank in the days when electricity even exists. Ole Kirk Christiansen from a small village called Billund, was originally a carpenter, who in 1916 turned his passion for wood into a business and opened his shop.

From the start, he produced only furniture (ladders, stools, ironing boards). He was thinking about expanding his business when his sons accidentally set a pile of wood chips on fire. His shop and also the home was destroyed.

This tragedy didn’t stop him, he saw it as an opportunity and build a bigger shop. Unfortunately, tragedy was following him. In 1929 started a big depression, in 1932 his wife died. He struggled.

Because of the time ware so hard, he decided to use wood to create inexpensive good – among them cheap toys. From the first, this decision didn’t pay off, but he refused to stop making toys. He was so passionate, he even renamed the company – “leg godt” it’s Danish for “play well.” During the toy-making process, he refused to cut corners.

In 1942 his factory burned to the ground again. He had enough money not only to bounce back but even to look forward. After the war, traditional materials weren’t available. Manufacturers looked for cheap alternatives like plastic. He bought the first plastic injection molding machine in 1946 and started experimenting. Plastic injection molding = melted plastic is forced into the cavity of a precise mold.

By 1949 lego was producing a plastic product called Automatic Binding Brick. It was similar to today LEGO brick. Olle died in 1959 when one of his son Godtfred introduce the “System of Play.” The principle was that all blocks should interlock and be interrelated – it creates a modern-day LEGO.

After 5 years from the introduction of the “System of Play,” the company was again hit by fire. All wooden toys were destroyed and the company decided to concentrate only on plastic toys.

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This is a short version of how a famous company was established. You can also watch a short animate film made by LEGO as the celebration of 80 birthday.

More than just a toy

Who would say that you can build whatever you think of from a small brick?

The possibilities are unbelievable. You can build real-sized objects, you can build almost everything.

Bugatti Chiron. You can built a functional car.

20 most incredible LEGO records. Let´s see what is possible with a piece of brick.


Legoland theme parks were founded back in 1968 (Denmark). As of February 2020, there are 9 Legoland parks all around the world, with 6 more of them scheduled to open in the next 3 years. There is a greater emphasis on rides suitable for younger children.

LEGO Movies

The popularity of this toy is undeniable. Not only breathtaking constructions and theme parks stand on the back of this toy giant. The movie industry is another huge segment, where LEGO company is present!


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