The Most Interesting McDonald’s Designs in the World

Who knew, they might look like this!

The great big “M” belongs among the most popular business brands in the world. McDonald’s has over 33,000 restaurants in about 120 countries from all around the world.

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I do not know how about you, but in my country, if you wanted to go to McDonald’s, you had to have excellent grades. The only time, parents took us to McDonald’s was at the end of the school year. Every time aiming for Happy Meal (and a toy), which was crazy expensive back then.

While McDonald’s symbol is the same everywhere around the world, the architectural interpretations of its buildings differ! Although I could not find any strange or unusual designs in my surroundings, there are many buildings with different esthetic and original outlook.

While the cheeseburger recipe might be the same everywhere, it will taste differently on a gas station somewhere next to the German highway and differently in the building from the 17th century!

#1 Budapest, Hungary

While the McDonald’s looks very beautiful from the outside, once you step in, you will be totally blown away! Such a “Grand Hotel” vibe. This date the first-ever McDonald’s in Hungary and was opened back in 1988.

If you would like to see how the whole place looks like, you can click and watch the tour in this short video.

#2 New York, United States of America

One of the most famous fast-food chain used to look like this in its beginnings. This one is the oldest and still functioning McDonald’s in the world. Working since 1953 and belong among one of the three McDonald’s in the world.

#3 Paris, France

In the broader center of France’s capital city, you can find a very, very old building from the ornate bricks, gabled roof, and timber slats. Alsatian-style architecture. Originally it served as a bavarian pub, “Roi de la Bière,” loosely translated in English as “The King of Beer.” The original facade of the building comes from 1910, and it remains till now!

The large statue called Gambrinus was also included. It stands for a legendary European folk hearo and the eponymous “King of Beer.”

#4 Taupo, New Zealand

In the town of Taupo, close to the lake with the same name in the North of New Zealand, is an exceptional McDonald’s restaurant. You can get yourself a cheeseburger on the board of the 70 years old plane DC-3.

No, this is not a real plane, and it’s not a real flight either. It’s just about one parked plane which interior was reconstructed into a McDonald’s restaurant. Even though there is not that much space in it, people are willing to wait for it (hours)! You will also have an option to visit a cockpit.

For the video review of this place click on the picture below!

#5 Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Originally built in 1990 as Megatron, the architecture of the restaurant was something not seen before! Unfortunately, after the building remained empty for many years, its destiny was decided.

UFO McDonald´s was demolished in 2008.

If you are a fan of this fast-food chain restaurants, we recommend watching a movie about how all of this came around!


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