The Netflix series that can replace your coffee addiction

Netflix is not only a streaming service — starting from 2012, the business started to actively work on developing its products. You’ve probably already heard about the House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black series. Their captivating movies and series won the hearts of people across the world and their number of subscribers is increasing every year. We at Buzzardfeed know by our own experience that sometimes watching the perfect series necessitates a lot of time. That’s why, to protect you from the nuisance of choice, we suggest a few Netflix series that can replace your coffee addiction.

1.The Bonfire of Destiny (2019-present)

A French mini-series comprises of real events. In 1897, a big fire happened at a charity bazaar in Paris. More than 120 people died there — most of whom were high society women. The story is based on 3 women whose life turned upside down after this horrible day.

2.Sick Note (2017 — present)

Daniel, the lead character played by Rupert Grint, works in WeCover insurance and is living a usual boring life: he is always late for work, plays with his gaming console in the evenings, and pays little attention to his girlfriend. Everything changes when he was diagnosed with cancer. The people surrounding him rapidly change their attitude toward Daniel and begin to care about him. The young man gets used to having attentive and cooperative people around, but suddenly finds out that the doctor made an error with his diagnosis.

3.The Hook Up Plan (2018 — present)

This is another French series based on true events in Paris. The main character, Elsa, suffers from aloneness. She has experienced an enormous amount of disloyalty and break-ups and feels completely frantic to find a mate. Elsa’s best friends can’t just coolly watch her experience mental anguish, which is why they decide to look for help.

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