The “Real” Suicide Squad

Filmed in 2016, the Suicide Squad movie didn’t draw much attention and scored a below-average rating on IMDB (6.0). Yet, despite its somewhat hollow plot and “so-so” acting (the effects and make-up were good though), the movie has managed to win an Oscar and inspire meme creators from all around to world to create hilarious content about it.

Besides memes, other content creators have decided to have fun with this movie and create countless parodies. One of the most hilarious (and somewhat disturbing) parody is that of RackaRacka, a bunch of Australian YouTubers known for their wacky content. Just like the movie itself, the RackaRacka team is also known for its visually stunning scenography. In this parody, Joker (who is NOT a part of the squad in the sketch) gets to meet the “real” Suicide Squad.

RackaRacka are well-known for their funny if somewhat gory content. This group of youngsters has even turned Ronald McDonald into the protagonist of several stories that they have written. Below is one of their “commercials” for Ronald McDonald’s wares:

Movie parodies and videos about Ronald are not the only things that RackaRacka make. On their YouTube channel, you can also see lots of “crossover” videos that are defined by stunning visual effects and lots of carnage. And bloodshed…yes. One of the best videos of this kind is a video of LOTR and GOT fans/characters “meeting” each other.


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