“The Reality Of Living With A Cat” – A Comic Book By Lucas Turnbloom

Back in 2017, Lucas Turnbloom, a famous cartoonist, has saved a stray kitten, and from that moment on, his life (and his wife’s life as well) changed forever. This set of drawings started as an inside joke between him and his wife. Eventually, she convinced him to post his work on the internet, so the comic book soon became popular worldwide. In this article, we are going to show you 10 drawings from his comic book, therefore, take time and enjoy this piece of art.

  1. Looking For A Way Out

2. Dark Knight

3. Know Your Priorities

4. Battery Is Fully Charged

5. Don’t Touch The Kitty

6. Sixth Sense

7. Let Me Sing You The Song Of My People

8. Cute Little Devil

9. Wrong Turn

10. My Bed My Rules


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