The Same trip seems shorter even if you take the same route- Why

When Alan Bean was coming back to Earth from a trip to the Moon, he realized that the trip back to earth was shorter. You have also perhaps felt the same when you’re returning home from a long trip. This feeling has happened to many of us and science finally has an answer. We at Buzzardfeed were very interested to know about this occurrence and decided to share some of our findings.

1.The Return Trip Effect

At first, scientists thought that the “return trip effect” was actually because of familiarity. Since we already passed the same road, we know the surroundings, and so when returning home, it doesn’t impact the sense of time. However, this didn’t end up being true, after all the same effect has been observed in air travel, as well as when taking a different route.

2.How we Feel Time

This is the way our body measures and experiences time.

It’s not about gauging the time that passes, but about the finding, we have for time based on memory. During the journey, we don’t feel the variance in how time has passed, but once it’s over it seems like the return trip was shorter than the other. Also, when we are leaving home we generally have a plan about what time we should reach our destination. This makes us focused on time and check the clock often, giving us a feeling that time is not passing.

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