The Short Story Of The Funeral Dance Meme

During the height of the pandemic, one meme has become immensely popular, lightening up the mood of millions from all around the world. The funeral dance meme shows six men in formal attire carrying a coffin and dancing to a choreographed routine. In Ghana, dancing with a coffin (during the funeral) is a traditional ritual, so BBC captured one such moment, and from that moment on, the meme was born. In the edited video that gave birth to this popular meme, you can hear the song ‘Astronomia’ by Vicetone & Tony Igy.

When the video went viral, meme creators from all around the world started using the dancing sequence of the video as inspiration for their work. You can find many different compilations featuring these guys from the video online. It is usually a clip of someone doing something painful, followed by a snippet of the “coffin dance crew. Here is one such compilation:

Of course, there are various other types of videos that feature the coffin dance crew. As we all know, people who create memes on platforms such as 9gag or Reddit do tend to be very creative. One of the most popular variants of this video is the song attached below.


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