The UK-based Talent Agency Presents The Best Celebrity Lookalikes

Research conducted some time ago has shown that the likelihood of finding a fully identical doppelganger is 1 to 1 trillion. Well, that may be so, but it turned out that a British talent agency (“Lookalikes Agency”) has managed to find people who resemble famous actors, singers, politicians, personalities, pop-culture icons, and other famous persons. The agency boasts over 1,000 unique lookalikes and it turns out that there is always some kind of job available to them. People love celebrities, and if someone looks like Brad Pitt or Madonna, chances are that he or she could star in the local soap commercial (or something like that). In this article, we will show you some of the most convincing lookalikes that this talent agency has managed to find. Of course, there are those who just look funny. Enjoy!

#1 Barak Obama

#2 Madonna

#3 Austin Powers/Mike Myers

#4 Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

#5 Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp

#6 Michael Jackson

#7 David Beckham

#8 Meghan Markle

#9 Daniel Craig

#10 Cara Delevingne

Andy Harmer is the guy who runs this agency and he himself is a lookalike of famous football player David Beckham. The agency offers a variety of lookalikes from movies and TV, sports, fiction, politics, royalty, superheroes, and many other categories. You can find just any lookalike here, from Justin Bieber to Kim Jong-Un.

#11 Kim Jong-Un

#12 Justin Bieber

#13 Antony Hopkins

#14 Harry Styles

#15 Emma Watson

#16 Amy Winehouse

#17 Miley Cyrus

#18 Donald Trump

#19 Boris Johnson

#20 Ed Sheeran

If you visit the agency’s website, you can find more celebrity lookalikes. As we said before, they have over a thousand lookalikes, you will be amazed by the agency’s impressive collection.
But before you go, make sure to tell us in the comments which lookalike from this list you have found the most interesting.


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