The Weirdest Thing You Must´ve Taken Away From Student

It is no secret that teachers’ salaries are very low. Despite the fact that it is these workers who shape the future of the whole world, their evaluation does not correspond to this responsibility. However, in addition to shaping the future, they sometimes have to deal with the really unusual behavior of some students. In the following article, we will introduce you to the most bizarre things that teachers have had to take from their students.

We hope that at least for a while with this article you will turn off and have fun with these real-life stories and who knows, maybe you have a story like that too.

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As usual, the post is coming from the r/AskReddit which is the 3rd largest subreddit on the platform with over 30 million members.

The question was simple “Teachers, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to take away from a student?”

These are some of the best answers we could find in this topic:

#1 I had to take away EYEBALLS from my student!

Yes, you are reading it right! This teacher had a truly unusual experience. This is how this story went:

“I worked with a blind student with autism. When he would get angry, he would pop out his glass eyeballs and throw them across the room. They were expensive, so mom asked that we put them in a plastic bag in his backpack if he threw them…. no more eyeballs for you today!”


#2 I had to take away COINS from my student!

Extra money is always good! Let´s find out why this was necessary, any tips (you see what I did there)?

“There was a boy in my seventh-grade class that wasn’t allowed to have coins because he’d eat them.”


#3 I had to take away TOOTH from my student!

“There was another student’s tooth. That he had fished out of the trash can. That he was going to add to his tooth collection.”


What an unusual hobby, don´t you think?

#4 I had to take away CHICKEN BREAST from my student!

This is one of the strangest, funniest but obscurest real-life stories I have ever read about.

“An uncooked chicken breast. Actually, two uncooked, boneless chicken breasts. The student had one in each pocket…
He liked how they felt. I’m glad I could use fear of salmonella as an excuse to use gloves to take them away.”


#5 I had to take away BABY RABBITS from my student!

“This kid had a backpack full of baby rabbits. He found them in the field on the way to school. They were so tiny and vulnerable. We both cried.”



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