These 10 People Have Quit Their Jobs In Style

In this day and age, it is a rather bold move to quit a job, especially if you consider all the bills and mortgages involved. Yet, sometimes people do choose this course of action. Reasons may vary from being utterly annoyed with your boss and not being paid enough to simply seeking a change or deciding to take a break from everything. Although people usually quit in a “civilized” way to avoid a lawsuit, others tend to be more creative. In this article, you are going to see a list of the best 10 ways to “burn the bridges” behind you. The people on this list did something very creative, and their work will make you laugh for sure.

#1 My Friend Has Left This On His Desktop

#2 A Guy At The Gas Station Took A Photo Of This

#3 A Driver Captured This One

#4 A Colleague In Customer Services Left This Note And Never Came Back

#5 Our Boss Showed Us This (He Was Not Happy)

#6 A Guy Who Worked At The Cinema Left This Movie Quote While Quitting

#7 We Found This On The Wall, Our Displeased Ex-Colleague Left It

#8 A Customer Captured The Photo Of This Receipt

#9 A Guy In The Kitchen Left This Before Leaving

#10 The Ex-Colleague Left This For Me To Clean It Up


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