Top 5 Weirdest But Incredibly Engaging Comic Book Crossovers

Although nowadays comic book crossovers are not that unusual (“Batman versus Superman” is one such example), just a few decades ago, it was uncommon to see two or more protagonists of different universes cross paths. In this article, we are going to talk about five such examples that, despite being a bit weird, have received a positive response from the audience.

Star Trek And X Men

When two popular sci-fi franchises collided to create an exhilarating story, many fans had doubts about how well will it actually go. Luckily for the authors, this piece has turned out to be pretty decent publishing that lots of readers liked. A band of X Men accidentally stumbled upon Enterprise, and one huge conflict erupted. Action-packed and exciting, this entire story is defined by fighting scenes between characters from these two universes.

Joker and The Mask

When our favorite villain from the Batman series stole the Mask from the museum, he gained a great superpower that could finally help him defeat The Dark Knight. Yet, The Mask has a mind of its own. It tries to control the Joker and break his colossal ego. In this masterpiece, fans finally had the chance to see a whole new level of Joker’s madness while he desperately tries to use The Mask to his own ends.

Robocop and Terminator

This piece of art was written and edited by Frank Miller, a famous author. Although it may sound strange, this comic book has a thrilling story in addition to a really eye-catching design. A traveler from the future starts hunting down Robocop, stating that cybernetic cop has a technology within him that will be used for creating Skynet. Soon after, a group of terminators appears and the story gets another plot twist. The story goes through several different time periods and ends in a way that seems to settle things for good but leaves enough space for a sequel.

Freddy, Jason, and Ash

We all know that Freddy and Jason have “crossed swords” before, but when you add Ash Williams from Evil Dead into the mix, you get an exciting story ripe with action. In this comic book, Freddy controls Jason and orders him to get Necronomicon, a cursed book that can bring the deceased murderer back to life. Ash Williams finds out about that and decides to stop the deadly duo. A stellar crossover of three legendary characters of the horror genre, this comic book is fun to read, and it features some impressive artworks as well.

Justice League and Power Rangers


Perhaps the weirdest crossover of them all, this comic book has caught the readers off guard the day it was published. Yet, its thrilling story has seduced the audience and has become a huge success. It starts with Lord Zed ending up in Gotham City and teaming up with Brainiac. Since this has proved to be too much of a challenge for Power Rangers, other heroes joined in, and one big showdown began. This is a well-written and stunningly designed comic book developed by Boom Studios.


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