These Bird Perspectives Will Take Your Breath Away

Sit back and enjoy these beutiful new perspectives.

The Instagram profile called @dailyoverview provides internet viewers with a view they can not find anywhere else.

And no, Google maps are not the answer. Unless you are lucky enough to spend your time on the International Space Station, you have not seen photos like this before.

Benjamin Grant is the person who stands behind all of this. Their contribution is not about beautiful bird perspectives but also challenge us as a viewer to see what some of our technologies are doing to this planet.

Tulip Fields Bloom – Lisse, Netherlands

Netherland as a country produces a total of 4.3 billion tulip bulbs each year. Half of the total harvest (2.3 billion) is grown into cut flowers, where around 1.3 billion is meant to be sold.

Salt Lake Natron – Tanzania, Kenya

This lake can be found in the Arusha Region. It´s not very deep less than 10 feet (3 m). You might be asking, how is this color possible in the lake? Lake natron has high evaporation lat, in which salt-loving microorganisms thrive using photosynthesis to make their own food. A by-product of this photosynthesis causes deeper water to turn bright red and shallow parts of the lake to take on a rusty orange color.

Sossusvlei Pan – Namib Desert, Namibia

Those red dunes you can see in the picture belong among the tallest one in the world. Their height reaches over 656 feet (200 meters).

“Lady of the North” sculpture – Northumberlandia, England

The massive land sculpture has been completed in 2012. Her shape should be reminded of a female figure. “Lady” consists of 1.5 million metric tones of earth removed from the mine not further away from it. Statue reaches 112 feet (34 m) and is spreading at a distance of 1 300 feet (400 meters).

Drainage System – Musa Bay, Iran

This Dendritic drainage system is overflowing with arctic colors while creating a beautiful picture. The expression “dendritic” refers to the pools´resemblance to the branches of a tree, and this pattern develops when streams move across relatively flat and uniform rocks, or over a surface that resists erosion.

Pingyuan Reservoir – Zhaodong City, China

Water stored in this reservoir serves more than 100 000 inhabitants of the close regions and surrounding farms. Pingyuan Reservoir covers about 1.32 square miles (3.4 square kilometers) — roughly the same area as Central Park in Manhattan.

Truly beautiful, right?

Let us know which one of these seems the most appealing to you.


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