These Passwords Are The Most Used In 2020

You probably should stop using these passwords.

Coming up with new passwords all the time is really annoying. Even worse is to keep them in mind. That is why it is no surprise many of us trying to make them as simple as possible, while we might be overlooking a danger these actions could cause.

NordPass has released an annual list of the most used passwords in 2020. The company has brought a list of 200 passwords people use and what is even more interesting, is the fact, that for breaking many of them hackers need less than a second!

Number 1 Password of 2020

the most used password of 2020 is “123456”

  • which has been used by more than 2.5 million users,
  • takes less than a second to crack,
  • has been exposed over 23.5 million times.

(Click on the picture to be directly redirected to the list on the official page of NordPass)

If you are using any of the passwords from the Top 10 list, we recommend you to change it right now.

NordPass also providing a list of passwords for different categories than numbers., In spite of the fact that this type is occupying almost all of the spots on their Top 10 list. You can take a look at the top used passwords from categories such as Swear Words, Entertainment, Names, Sports, Food and many others.

For example, the highest positioned password of “Swear Words” is “fu*k you” which has been detected in 25 618 users.

The 3 most used passwords from the “Entertainment” category are “pokemon 37k users, superman 25.5 k users and naruto 21.4 k users.”

You might be thinking, why would somebody aim at your account, even if there is no valuable this is how it works. Robot bots of hackers surf through the internet and try to enter accounts by using the most common passwords.

Having these passwords is basically an invitation letter for a hackers!

To make this article little bit lighter, I also included a couple of hackers related memes:

By anjew1888
By Kidfreakshow21
By AlbinoMan625
By Hay that emo kid
by Hades_XC


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