These People Belong To Jail (Weird Eating Habits)

You eat chocolate with what?

In spite of the fact we are at the top of the food chain some of us still, DON´T KNOW HOW TO EAT! No, I am not talking about people who are making sounds while eating or people who eat with open mouths.

I am speaking about people, who eat ordinary things in a very extraordinary way. I am sure you have witnessed strange eating habits in your life. At the same time, I bet you have never seen this many crazy ways of eating.

The following article was based on the Reddit posts of r/mildlyinfuriating. Thanks to all contributors.

Eating “Crust” On Pancakes? Are You Crazy!

His girlfriend does not eat the crust on pancakes. I really don´t know what to say. The thing is, she actually did not even get close to the crust. Just look at that!

Fortunately, her boyfriend confirmed in the comment section he finishes leftovers after her so it´s all good (no it´s not called an asylum).

Another user has commented, “I think it’s time you guys see other people.”

You Got Chocolate? I Am Getting My Spoon!

Look at the way how their Grandmother is eating chocolate. Can you imagine how long does it take to eat the big one? Meal for days!

Never offend somebody´s grandma but this comment got me “She is a monster.”

Another One (In DJ Khaled´s Voice)

“You gotta be a psychopath to do that.”

Naked Nuggets

When your friend is eating chicken nuggets all-around before dipping it into the sauce…

Covid-19 Fries

His friend DOES NOT EAT THE PART OF THE FRY HER FINGERS TOUCHED. As an official fries lover, I demand this person be traced and haunted!

Pizza Destruction

Another Grandma way of eating something. She seems like a very cute person tho.

Have you knowtest the way their Grandma wears a ring on her watch???

What about the way she holds a kinfe?

Welcome To The New Episode of Rick and Morty

This guy´s wife has a very extraordinary way of eating a pickles.

People in comment section be like: “You married a monster.”

Banana Eater In Action

I have seen monkey eat bananas in more appropriate way than this person does it.

Hot Ones Low Cost Version

Literally ate like this when I was a child…

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