These people had to rub their eyes to believe what they just saw

Filters, color correction, editing, retouching — we feel that no photo on Instagram or any other social network can be uploaded without them. So, it’s not astonishing that we try to identify corrections in photos that don’t have any sense we’ve forgotten what real photos look like. But sometimes people, or even nature, show that masterpieces can exist without any photo editing software. At Buzzardfeed, we can’t stop appreciating how unpredictable and complex the world is. These people had to rub their eyes twice after watching these photos!

1.The Melting Carpet or the Melting Floor?

Seeing the picture, we can’t answer. But this is an Azerbaijani artist who creates some unbelievable carpets with a unique meltdown effect. But we are wondering if the melting effect worth spending $15,000 for? For those who love an incredible level of art, it is!

2.The Narcissist Mirror

It’s a famous saying that the narcissist has many faces and this mirror proves the same in some way. Seeing this picture, people accidentally found the perfect mirror for a narcissist. If you have this mirror, it is too easy for you to show the mirror to any narcissist in your life.

Caution: Don’t use it for yourself.

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