These Trailers Teased For Totally Different Movies

Could these be more different?

Have you ever watched a trailer and immediately knew, you got to see that in the cinema as soon as possible? The trailer was energetic, with great visuals, great music everything suggested it´s going to be a great ride!

Then you bought a pop-corn, big coke, sat on your place in front of the big screen. The movie started, the movie ended and you had no idea what the hell just happened…That was my case with the Suicide Squad. I have never been more disappointed by the difference between the movie trailer and the movie itself.

Trailers have the purpose of hyping up the crowd and bringing the audience to the cinema. These trailers have definitely done that, unfortunately, when you promote something you not actually sell, it will get back at you!

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As I already mentioned, this one is a real-life experience. David Ayer´s movie has received a lot of heat back in 2016. Everybody wanted to see it, the cast seemed great on the paper, but once the reshoots started and a lot of cutting happened people start being worried.

“Is this the real life…” No!

The trailer gives an impression of a great story, an adult approach of superheroes (at that time there were no The Boys, comic fans had only Deadpool back then) with a lot of Joker! There was almost no Joker, the story was a mess, the visuals were horrible and everything except Margot Robbie and Will Smith basically was a lost potential.

#2 Bridge To Terabithia

If you watched a trailer it was pretty clear! Gábor Csupóa prepared another classical fantasy adventure about two kids leading you into the magical world. Something like The Chronicles of Narnia.

In reality, we received very much real stories about two lonely kids, who made up this “fantasy world”. All of the CGI parts from the trailer are just their imagination and nothing more. No real giants are happening! The movie had a melancholic vibe with a very surprising “dark” twist. It´s a great movie, do not get me wrong. But while the trailer invites you to watch a fantasy movie, the director serves you a movie of coming-age drama genre instead!

#3 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

For the non-musical people, it might seem like Tim Burton´s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street will be another typical Burton-ish movie. Expressive stylization, crazy Johnny Depp, bloody murders. Well, we got all of this with one little addition, which the trailer has not mentioned at all. It was a musical adaptation.

The viewers could not be ready for the fact that almost 80% of the movie is being sung. In spite of this, it is a great movie with amazing songs! Bravo!

#4 Godzilla aka “Actor placement

The new version of Godzilla under the directing of Garth Edward was a…good movie. The trailer was fooling the viewers and if you have seen it you will know what we mean. Bryan Cranston. Bryan Cranston was the lead character of this trailer! and it seems like it will be him, who will be saving his family from the raging monster!

The opposite was the truth, Cranston showed up for a short scene or two. While this might feel odd, the viewer does not have to feel tricked, as the good movie was still delivered!

Avengers: End Game

The last one is a positive one! If you watched Marvel movies, this trailer gave you nothing and everything at the same time. If you are not a fan of Marvel movies, this trailer gave you just nothing. As you know Russo´s (directors) put a lot of fake scenes into their Infinity War and Endgame trailers.

Which one of these have surprised/dissapointed you the most?


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