They Really Eat These Food Combinations?

Would you try any of these?

Have you ever been eating with your buddies and they suddenly combine two totally weirdest food components?

I have not, most of my friends are pretty on the ground when it comes down to eating habits. But, every group has to have at least one guy, who eats weirdly – right? So if you can not recall any of your friends to be strange this way, you probably are in the same situation as me. In our group, it´s me, I am the weird one just because I love fries with mustard!

Scoop Cottage Cheese with Ruffles

Somebody in the comment section responds to this “interesting” meal combination with the following “I’m sorry, you need to go to jail. Immediately!”

Protein Powder and Eggnog

Comment section to this extraordinary recipe has this to say about it: “His ass will look like a fondue fountain after consuming that!”

Jam and Cheese Sandwiches

it was reasoned by the contributer, who asked their mom about this:

“a) jam isn’t too dissimilar to a lot of chutneys, and the salty and sweet balances perfectly;

b) I myself love cheese with fruit in it, like Wensleydale with cranberries, so in theory at least the idea of ‘fruit and cheese’ as a combo isn’t so weird; and

c) it’s her sandwich, not mine, and I could fu*k off.

Pretty well summed-up!

Salt with Apple/Watermelon

This just disrupts the vibe for me. I want to get my sweetness but I read a lot of positive and supporting opinions about this one, so I guess it´s not that bad after all.

Mashed Potatoes and Barbecue Sauce

This does not seem as such a crazy idea. I might give it a go. Fan of mash potatoes as well as of barbecue sauce.

Honey Nut Cheerios with Hot Chocolate (Instead of Regular Milk)

The real question is, first cereals and hot chocolate come only after, or hot chocolate is being poured first and cereals come second?

Peanut Butter as Seasoning on Cooked Chicken Breasts

People been recommending to this user some modulations. Adding rice vinegar to soy as a way to create basic Satay sauce (which can be later eaten also with fries). This type of meal preparing is quite common in South East Asia.

Potato Chips Dipped in Spinach Soup

One of the users commented: “I don’t even know what spinach soup is but I’ll definitely be hunting a recipe for it!” I hate this soup, and this is officially the worst recipe in this article!

Mint and Banana Milkshakes

Personally, I have never understood the hype around Mint. Everybody loves it but I am not a big fan of it at all so I stay away from this one for sure. Who knows, maybe McDonald´s will start experimenting a little more with their Milkshake´s flavors.

Fish Fingers and Custard

One of the notes to this “recipe” was about how it could make some people have a stomach ache so be careful. If you are sensitive to the meals, I would not recommend this one to you.

Ramen with Milk (Instead of Water)

“I threw up a little in my mouth.” As one of the comments says, and I can not actually imagine this tasting any good…

Oh, Ramen, good old school years. One time I used to have 200 of them at dorms and were making them for my friends and everybody who stopped by…as a true Ramen dealer.

Somebody in the comment section under all of these posts:

“What the fu*k is wrong with some of you people?”

Let us know if you have tried any weird food combinations in the comment section below.

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