Times When Marketing Went Over The Top

This is the way, marketing should be done!

Having a great idea is not enough.

Especially nowadays, when it is even more difficult to come up with something new. Once the idea is created, it must be executed well. Execution stands for the most important part when introducing a new product or entering a new market. Part of the successful execution is great marketing. I have gathered for you some examples when marketing departments went over the top with their creativity!

Playstation 5

On November 12, 2020 Sony has released a new console from their saga, PlayStation 5. If you ever visited England you know this is the regular subway station sign:


It´s a circle, which is coincidentally also one of the four signs on PlayStation controllers. As a part of the marketing campaign, Sony has decided to turn subway signs into their iconic “shape of four.”


Even more hilarious is the fact, that one of the new signs was implemented on Oxford Circus station, which is right in front of the main English store of Microsoft (main rival of Sony´s PlayStation). Some other stations have been renamed as punchlines towards PlayStation games such as Mile End renamed to Miles End (Spider-Man: Miles Morales), Lancaster Gate is for now (Ratchet and Clankaster Gate), Seven Sisters became Gran Turismo 7 Sisters and West Ham will be renamed to Horizon Forbidden West Ham.

PlayStation 5 is experiencing a truly amazing hype. Some people can not even get their hands on it. Like this guy, who was trying to buy it from another, even more, funnier guy:


Dracula BBC

Dracula is the BBC series which comes from the pen of the creators shows like Doctor Who or Sherlock (Cumberbatch and Freeman).


What might seem as just a bunch of small poles stands for something way bigger. Ingenious billboard uses shadows to turn into Dracula as the sun goes down!


This is a great way how to promote a new tv series or basically anything, press love things like this, public loves things like this.


Nike Bench

Just do it! We all know this very famous slogan and we all know who stands behind it. One of the biggest fashion companies in the world Nike.


In 2017 has Nike designed a park bench that was supposed to inspire people to run! It was placed in a Clever park and the whole campaign was created by Annie Chiu.


One of the biggest Fastfood chains in the world could not miss this article. McDonald´s has a long time tradition of creative marketing. From including celebrities special meals (like we could see with Travis Scott this year) all the way to advertisements like these:


They simply know their job very well!

Popular marketing medium are buses which has been used in a creative way so many times:

Copenhagen Zoo


King Kong






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