Tips for planning a stress-free Thanksgiving

Cooking turkey for Thanksgiving Day top view
Cooking turkey for Thanksgiving Day top view

Thanksgiving is one such dinner that can intimidate even the most organized homemakers. Of course, it is that one time when all eyes are fixed on the dinner table. These 10 super-efficient ideas will help you begin the thanksgiving prep without much effort:

Plan in advance

Preparation is not something that can be achieved in the last movement. So you need to be very early with the preps. Open your memo book and start brainstorming now. Take out no more than 20 minutes every day and you will be all set by the time of Thanksgiving.

Select a menu

Be smart with the Thanksgiving menu. Everything doesn’t need to be right out of the oven. To make it easier, add some make-ahead recipes too. One of the must-haves for Thanksgiving is Turkey. Cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pies are some other focuses. Make sure the guest is not bringing one of these items. If they are, then cross those items off the menu.

Print the recipes

Most people look at the recipes at the very last moment and then realize that a lot more needs to be done. One good advice would be to print the recipes in advance and hang it on the refrigerator door. This way you will know what to shop for and when to start the preparations. Believe us this one step always helps.

Shop in advance

Make sure that you have ample time for shopping. I consider Sunday afternoons or Saturday evening good for this shopping. Complete the shopping two days ahead so that there is enough room for other items.

Go get the drinks

No matter how much you have prepared Thanksgiving is going to be a busy day. So, it’s better to create a separate drink station. This way the guests can serve themselves while you are busy with the crowd. Bring out some ice buckets, place a tray filled with bottles and cooler.


 Food is the star of Thanksgiving night so, everything else can always take a back seat. It is the holiday season so a little lighting, flowers, candles will never put you off.

A little for the leftovers

 No matter how cautiously you have prepared your dinner there will always be some leftover. Instead of handing over precious Tupperware get disposable containers to manage the leftovers.

Do not get too experimental

The key to any successful Thanksgiving meal is cooking a family recipe. Do not try to get experimental on this day, at least. Trying a new recipe is a good idea for small gatherings and other occasions, but it is better to keep things as complicated as possible on Thanksgiving.

 Add some vegan options

 Even though you are not aware of your guest’s dietary restrictions, it’s always helpful to add some gluten and lactose-free recipes to the menu. Many people are turning into vegan, and one of them might be on your table this year. So, stay prepared.

 Ask for help

No shame in asking one of our friends or the guests to help you with the preparations. This will bring an opportunity to bond with them, and they will get to try the cooking skills. People often are too shy to ask for help. Don’t overthink. Just ask.


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