Tips For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Although we are most likely to be destroyed by a nuclear holocaust or a global epidemic, people often use “zombie apocalypse” as the most common term for describing the end of the world. Well, in case that you are not of the mindless flesh-eating monsters (and the chances are pretty good for you being one, like 9 out of 10) you will have to adapt to a whole new world filled with countless perils. Also, IF you survive, you better hope that zombies of your new reality resemble the creatures from “The Walking Dead” franchise because if they are fast, strong and God forbid, cunning like foxes, you will kick the bucket before the “season one” ends. Well, worry not! In this article, we are going to cover some of the basics that can help you survive (or at least live for some time) the post-apocalyptic world of horror.

Get A Weapon!

Well, the first thing that you need to do is to ensure means for your survival. Having food, water, and a roof over your head is all nice and well, but if you’re not “packing heat” you will be easy prey. Bear in mind that zombies are not the only threat to you, there is also that other thing that preyed upon humans since the beginning of our civilization – other people! In case that you are not a martial arts expert (and even that won’t help you much against a band of nutjobs armed with shooters) who is physically fit to outrun a herd of zombies, you better get strapped. So, when apocalypse breaks out, immediately run to the nearest police station, military outpost, or a gun store. If you don’t manage to secure a gun, you can at least get some protection…or a stray bullet to the brain.

Scavenge The Essencials

A good thing about the zombie apocalypse is the fact that there is no law so you can take whatever you want…or be butchered violently by every other human you encounter. After you get a gun, rifle, or at least a crossbow (you go get’em Darryl!), head to the nearest market or a grocery store and get all the food and bottled water that you can! Also, get a vehicle (you can steal one now, yay!) and don’t forget to scavenge everything you can from a local clinic or apothecary! Bandages, medicine, needles… get as much stuff as you can and leave immediately. Besides zombies, other humans will probably (in case they weren’t waiting for you in ambush) follow the same route too!

Avoid Big Cities

In case you are already in the big city when the zombie outbreak starts, well… “Good Luck Chuck” then. Of course, you can try following the first two steps, it definitely could help you. Or even better, pack whatever you can in a few minutes and get the hell out of the Dodge. Big Cities are a mess because of one reason only – too many humans. A vast majority of those will turn into undead freaks, while those who do not will either panic or try to kill you to get your car, bicycle, or sneakers. Whatever the case may be, avoid visiting the crowded places (unless you join a large gang, armed to the teeth), better try your luck in the outskirts.

Find A Hideout

If you have managed to obtain a weapon, collect some resources, and get out of the city, you need to find some shelter. Ideally, that should be someplace that other humans won’t be able to enter with ease. Make sure that it has a good view of the surroundings and that you can defend it from a safe position. Bar the doors, place traps, and make sure that you can hear the enemy coming. Also, it would be ideal if you have an escape route as well!

Get In Shape

If you are not a former college athlete or something like that, it would be good to get in shape. After you have finished acquiring all of the above, make sure that you exercise. In a world filled with zombies and psychopaths armed with chainsaws and flamethrowers (this could totally happen), it would be good if you could run for a while without vomiting your lungs. You don’t need to be like Hussain Bolt, but at least you should be able to outrun zombies when they decide to try and gnaw upon your spine.

Don’t Surround Yourself With Idiots

Unless you are “Mad Max” type of hero, you will need help. Join a crew, go scavenging together and have a blast! But fist make sure that you are not surrounded with a type of people who will “sprain an ankle’ during the escape or scream when zombies start walking around your hideout. Make sure that you surround yourself with people who know to do things. Also, hang out with people that would not stab you in the back first time they need your slice of bread.


Now you know the basics of surviving the zombie apocalypse. With a gun in your hand, a backpack filled with essentials on your back, a fast car, loyal crew, and a fortress to call home, you will be ready to weather the “undead storm”! Also, don’t forget to aim to the head, always check out if the body on the floor is truly dead (by shooting it in the head, naturally), maybe get a dog (tiger, hyena…something), and never trust other people that you haven’t got to know well. Maybe you can also get some farm animals or plant some crops to ensure a steady supply of food. But that may be a bit too much for you. Chances are, if you are not one of the zombies, you will probably die of some infection, anxiety attack, gunshot wound, or depression (the disease of the 21st century). If not, then…you did well sport!


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