Top 10 Celebrity Memes

Celebrities are a huge part of the internet, and they affect the lives of millions with their shows, movies, and public appearances. It was only natural for them to find a place in the “meme industry” and become an inspiration for thousands of Redditors and 9gaggers worldwide. Although most celebrities are unaware that people are making memes about them and laugh at their expense, others have accepted all this and even have used it to boost their popularity. In this article, we are going to show you the top 10 celebrity memes that are still used by content creators worldwide.

#1 Kris Jenner Taking A Photo

This meme has become popular immediately after the scene was filmed. Kardashians are an endless source of inspiration for meme-creators, so it’s no surprise that Kris Jenner found her way to Reddit, 4Chan, and 9Gag.

#2 Sad Keanu

Although this meme was named “Sad Keanu,” the famous movie star once said that he wasn’t sad at all when this photo was taken. Whatever the case may be, this photo has become one of the most popular meme templates on the internet, and now, thousands are using it to create hilarious content.

#3 Gym Kardashian

Photoshopped to look “buffed,” Kim Kardashian has once again taken the internet by storm with this photo. This is not the first (nor the last) time that Kim’s picture has been used as a template for memes, and we can probably expect much more material like this in the future.

#4 Confused Travolta

This meme was created when somebody screened a scene from a Pulp Fiction movie when Vincent Vega (John Travolta) was looking for a switch. Immediately a meme was born, and this scene was also used in many GIFs.

#5 Crying Toby

Usually used to describe a “plot twist,” this meme has been around for quite some time. Its popularity hasn’t veined yet, so we can expect to see it stick around for a bit longer in the future.

#6 Leonardo Di Caprio Meme(s)

Along with Keanu Reeves, Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the most beloved celebrities in the meme community. There are dozens of meme templates bearing his face, and as it turned out, the actor said that he is flattered with all the attention.

#7 Patrick Stewart Meme

This is one of the classics, and just like Patrick Stewart, it never got old. This meme represents a disappointed “wtf” moment, and for nearly a decade, it has been used on platforms such as 9gag and Reddit.

#8 Khaleesi And Thor Meme

This meme features two actors whose reactions were captured by the camera while they were working on separate projects. Taken out of context, these photos were included in a unique meme that has quickly become a blockbuster on Social Media.

#9 Trump’s Thick Meme

Known from a video in which the former US President Donald Trump makes a hilarious sound, this meme was introduced to Social Media more than a year ago. Despite Trump’s fall from grace, this meme sticks around and will probably be viral for quite some time.

#10 Gordon Ramsay Mad

Everyone knows that Gordon Ramsey can be really loud and rude when he is in the kitchen. Meme-creators know that, so they made him a star of several templates. Although most of these photos are from his “earlier days,” they are still popular, no doubt.


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