Top 10 Parenting Tweets Of October 2020

Parenting is not all about obligations, love, and responsibilities, there is always some room for having fun too. After all, it is important to be able to laugh about it from time to time. Moms and dads who use Social Media often make posts related to their day to day life and the way they raise their toddlers. They are having fun sometimes, no doubt, and because of that, they have decided to share their experiences on Twitter.






One of the parents that regularly Tweets about her mischievous kids, Vicky, stated that parenting, although exhausting at times, can be fun as well. Her family loves to have fun, and they always enjoy activities such as singing, dancing, watching comedies, and playing games. She said: “We as parents don’t take ourselves too seriously and laugh at ourselves so our children follow suit. Childhood is a short and precious window to be enjoyed so we as parents must protect this time for our children and harness happiness where possible.” 







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