Top 5 Songs Featured In Video Games

Although video games are praised for their stunning visuals or immersive gameplay, many players do take note of the soundtracks as well. Some songs fit well into the overall atmosphere, while others improve the sensation of the particular moment that happens in-game. In this article, we will mention a few songs that fans have never forget and talk about to this day.

TES V SKYRIM (2011) – “Far Horizons”

A legendary title by Bethesda, still played by millions worldwide, Skyrim is a masterpiece in its own right. As an adventurer who wanders the cold wastes of Skyrim, an inhospitable region dotted with dragons, monsters, and evil-doers, you are being caught up in a brutal civil war. This phenomenal symphony is just one of the songs that you can hear while you walk the frozen lands of Northern Tamriel. It perfectly describes the hard life of the lone adventurer, lost in a troubled realm.


MORTAL KOMBAT (1992) – “Main Theme”

A timeless classic with a catchy tune, Mortal Kombat’s “Main Theme” will put a smile on your face, reminding you of the times when video games were starting to dominate the entertainment industry. Created by Immortal, this song was featured in Mortal Kombat (1995) movie as well.


Inspired by Massive Attack’s song “Angel”, this grim, yet wonderful tune, faithfully represents the game’s dark atmosphere. In this game, you are a young vampire who needs to survive the ongoing conflict between various factions in the undead society while staying hidden from humans. Created by Rich Shaffer, this song remains to be one of the most memorable symphonies in gaming community to this day.

DRAGON AGE INQUISITION (2014) – “Enchanter”

Sung by Elizaveta Khripounova, “Enchanter” is one of the best songs that you can hear in Dragon Age Inquisition. This is a bard’s song that describes the troubles of spellcasters caught in a brutal civil war that has ravaged the entire continent. An emotional song, “Enchanter” is a masterpiece that few other compositions in the video game industry can match.

WITCHER 3 WILD HUNT (2015) – “Priscilla’s Song”

Those who have played the Witcher series know of the struggles that Geralt has gone through while searching for Yennefer. In this emotional scene, young bard Priscilla sings a song dedicated to the separated couple. A truly wonderful tune, this masterpiece swept away millions of Witcher’s fans of their feet.


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