Top 9 Most Viral Posts From Feb 28 To Mar 6

The last 10 days or so saw some pretty hilarious posts circulating on platforms such as Reddit and 9gag. Hundreds of thousands of users were leaving upvotes and likes on these videos, and, thanks to the recent survey performed by 9gag we have managed to sort all these posts out. In this article, you will have a chance to see the top 9 most viral posts uploaded on the internet in a period between February 28 to March 6. Don’t forget to tell us which one you liked the most. Enjoy!

#9 Blink Madafaka

#8 Epic Sax Guy Vol.2

#7 What About The Education?

#6 There Are 2 Types Of Gamers

#5 The Scourge Of Moths

#4 Should Minors Take Hormones?

#3 The Landing Of SpaceX’s SN10

#2 Man Challenges A Woman To Pee By Using A Bucket And A Hose

#1 Evil Gym Troll


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