Train Saved By Whale´s Tail (Netherlands)

This is not an art piece but the real situation.

On Monday (2nd November 2020) the accident happened just outside the port town of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The train ran through the pair of stop blocks (designed as a safety precaution) and stopped on the whale tail. The front of the train car was left in the air, 30 feet above the water.

The only passenger on this ride was (fortunately) the conductor – who was not injured. The train derailment expert Gary Wolf has spoken on this matter “If more people had been on the train—roughly 200 pounds per person, times 40 people is a couple more tons—it could have crushed the tail.”

Miracle rescue: a whale-tail statue prevented a metro train from crashing into the sea in the Netherlands

Saved By a Whale´s Tail, is the name of the sculpture and it is a work of Maarten Struijs who commented on this situation: “If the metro had driven into the other tail, I think it would have crashed through,’ Struijs told ‘Obviously it looks very poetic, but it’s a bonus that the train is being supported by the tail.”


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