Twitch Streamer Made $16,000 By Recording Himself Sleeping While Being Disturbed By Viewers

Most people would immediately accept the offer to have a night of broken sleep and earn $16,000. Well, that is exactly something that 26-year-old streamer who goes by the name ‘Asian Andy’ just did. He has earned a nice sum of money by filming himself asleep and letting viewers donate money – which allowed them to send sounds and text-to-speech messages.

Andy set up text-to-speech recognition for his live stream, meaning every time there was a donation, music played and the message was read aloud. Viewers have accepted the challenge and decided to donate money before getting Alexa to play loud music or some weird sounds to wake him up in the middle of the night.

Whenever someone granted money and included “Ascend” in their accompanying message, Andy would tear his t-shirt off. This occurred many times during the stream, which means that he has spent several t-shirts while filming this video.

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You can see the video of Andy “earning” his money on YouTube. It is really fun, especially when you consider the fact that the streamer was having his dog beside him whole the time. The poor animal was probably shocked as hell. Well, whatever the case, have fun watching the video!


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