Two Scottish Brothers Travelled Britain To Discover Places With Rudest Names

Andy and Magnus Tait, two brothers from Scotland, have embarked on a quest to visit British streets, villages, and towns with naughty titles. Driving 2,000 miles, the dynamic duo have amassed an impressive collection of pictures, featuring places that have rude names. During their four-day trip, the brothers stopped for a quick selfie at 34 different signs in 25 counties along the British coast. They come to this idea after visiting a place called Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire in 2013.

Andy, from Aberdeen, said: “I’ve had the idea for six years now. I insisted we stopped at South Gash to take a photo but Magnus didn’t fancy it. That led to an obsession for places with funny names and six years later Magnus decided to make it up to me. He saw the funny side of it eventually.”

Andy said that it took him six years to convince his brother to join him on this “epic quest”.

After they finished preparing, the brothers took off from Edinburgh. During their travels, the duo stopped for a photo in places like Cumwhinton, Sandyballs, Wetwang, and Fanny Street. Thanks to Andy’s organizational skills, it only took them a bit more than an hour to drive between each location.

Andy said that his most interesting stops were Poundbottom and Sandyballs in the New Forest. His favorite place, based on the hilarity of its name, was Wilsford Cum Lake.

Andy said: “It was a bit of a slog towards the end and it was dark when we got to some places. But never at any point did we get bored.”

In the end, everything went as planned. Besides having a ton of pictures to commemorate their epic journey, two brothers have also become a sort of an internet sensation. Today, their work has been archived in many great places on the internet, on the platforms like 9gag, Reddit, and of course, BuzzardFeed.


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