Valeriano Fatica – Food as an Exceptional Art

While food is a divine way for most of us to satisfy our hunger needs, not everyone sees food in the same way. Today we will introduce you to an artist who does not use food exclusively to satisfy his biological need, but also uses it to satisfy his artistic need! You may be wondering what we mean … it won’t be a baker, we already have a few posts like that, you can have fun with them, just click here!

Today, he will be a serious artist who will infuriate you rather than entertain you. This is the 31-year-old Italian artist Valeriano Fatica, who is best known for carving fruits and vegetables as well as cheese, clay and stones.

What awaits you in this article and why should you pay attention to it? Thanos as a coffee bean – impossible? We will convince you. Pikachu from avocado? We have that ready for you too. We wish you a lot of fun while viewing the art of this truly exceptional artist.

#1 Thanos, the mad coffee bean

Thanos is not in this alone, he teamed up with Hulk, Baby Groot and Nick Fury! What a squad. Don’t despair, you too can own such an exceptional coffee bean of Thanos or other pop culture characters for only 150 € (179 USD).

That´s not only coffee craving Mr. Fatica has made. For more, you can just click on the link here!

#2 Poke-avocado bros

Despite the fact that this given creation took only two hours to produce. The author himself admitted that some of his products can take more than 30 hours to produce. It all depends on the material he works with.

#3 The Lord of the Watermelon

My Precious!

#4 The Night King carving

The Slovak actor played this character, one of the most successful series of all time, very convincingly. Equally convincing is the likeness of the melon to the appearance of this character. You can see how this artwork was created in the video below.

#5 Venom Watermelon

Watermelons, avocados, pumpkins and potatoes are the most used ones for carving, however you can try this at home and use even other things like peaches, bananas…

For more fruit carvings click here!


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