“Vibing Cat” Origin Story Of The Best 2020 Meme

You want to know the story behind the best meme of 2020?

One of the most successful memes of the 2020 year has become the video of the white cat shaking with her head into the sound of music (that´s what people thought at least). So-called “Vibing Cat.” The video has been created in April of this year. The Internet did not wait for too long and remixes started to appear all around.

What do we know about this animal star and what are behind the scenes of this iconic video?

Viral video

This white kitty is known on the internet not only under the mentioned pseudonym Vibing Cat but also as CatJAM. If you are a fan of memes we doubt you have not heard about her. Most of us had a chance to witness her in the video of Turkish drummer Bilala Göregena for the first time.

For those of You who want to see the original video, more compilations or to find out more about this viral phenomena scroll down for another chapter.



Let´s take a look at how this viral sensation has become what it is today and to answer some of your questions about it.

First appereance

How many of you have seen this original video?

⚠️FIRST VIDEO OF CATJAM EVER⚠️ #catjam #vibingcat #catvibe #catmeme #catmemes

Mick Lagi (@micklagi) has created a short video on TikTok with music son original. | ⚠️FIRST VIDEO OF CATJAM EVER⚠️ #catjam #vibingcat #catvibe #catmeme #catmemes | ⚠️ORIGINAL VIDEO⚠️ | CATJAM


It was actually the portal Know Your Meme who contacted Micka Lagiho – the author of the first original video. Mick has explained how the clip came around and introduced also the kitty star – the name of the white cat is Minette.


During the summer, the cat’s popularity was boosted when she became an emoji on the streaming platform Twitch. Under the name CatJAM more than 12 600 Twitch´s channels have started using it! That was just another push for the meme creators, which at this time started to create memes with this kitty.

CatJAM is actually deaf

In spite of the fact that the cat is “vibing” to what might seem like music, it is not the truth! Minette is actually deaf and she is not reacting to the rhythm as many are thinking. Her head movements are motivated by the hand movement of the drummer! As the owner admitted, Minette is very cuddly cat and she loves to be pet.

Inspiration for others? New world leader?

Minette is not the only cat who vibe to the music, but how many cats make vibe to other cats?

My cat felt the vibe

41 votes, 11 comments. 34.5m members in the funny community. Welcome to r/Funny, Reddit’s largest humour depository.


What is with Minette now?

Mick (the cat owner) was not with the cat when she became the internet sensation. His friend Kevin was taking care of her at that time. Unfortunately, Mick´s child is allergic to cats, so the viral animal could not stay with the family anymore. A new home was found for her.

Although Mick admits he was blown away by the internet success his cat earned. He also let himself heard, he regrets not making money out of it but he also understands it became the “collective possession of the internet.”


You can find a lot of “Cat Vibing” type of compilation all ovver the internet.


Minette was one of the best things that happened in 2020!


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