We All Know That Last Season Of GOT Was Bad – Here’s What Memes Have To Say About It

We all loved Game of Thrones and eagerly waited for that wonderful saga to end. And it ended…in a worst damn fashion ever. In the last season, we saw Daenerys, a heroine who led slaves to rebellion to completely (and out of nowhere) lose her mind and go “full retard”. Also, we had a guy from a rebel state (that in the end GOT THEIR INDEPENDENCE) become a king of the nation that his kin fought against. Not to mention that disastrous battle at Winterfell where absolutely NOTHING made sense…Well, we all know how the fans and critics commented on the show’s end, but what about the meme creators? Let’s see their take on all of this. In this article, we will see some of the best memes related to the Game Of Thrones Season 8.












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